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The Master of Liberal Arts program is designed to offer graduate level education in the broad areas of liberal studies. It is a multidisciplinary, non-career oriented program that seeks to offer a wide range of educational opportunities to students of diverse educational backgrounds. The intent of the program is to make available to all college graduates an opportunity to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and to broaden their knowledge. The MLA degree requires successful completion of 30 hours of course work. Twelve of the 30 hours must be in MLA courses designated "Perspectives on Society." Courses so designated will relate a liberal arts discipline to a) issues of contemporary American society, b) issues of culture or cultural diversity in America, c) other world cultures and societies. No thesis is required. Most students complete the program in two to three years. However, it is possible to finish in less time with a heavier course load. An average GPA of 2.75 is required for graduation.

The Master of Liberal Arts program is open to any person who holds a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, regardless of major academic emphasis or date of completion. A $50 application fee and an OFFICIAL copy of your transcript mailed from your degree granting institution directly to the Master of Liberal Arts Program, TCU Box 297024, Fort Worth, Texas 76129 are required. If school of last attendance was TCU, the Master of Liberal Arts program will obtain your transcripts that are on file in the Registrar's Office. The application fee is to be submitted with the application for admission.  TCU is an equal opportunity university and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, or ethnic origin.

Registration is done through a personalized portal service for the TCU community. Campus class size is limited to 25 students and online classes are limited to 15 students.

Tuition cost for the 2010/2011 academic year is $635 per semester hour. Students interested in Financial Aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

At the election of the student, MLA courses can be taken on a pass no credit basis; however, no more than 9 hours taken on a pass/no credit basis will count toward the M.L.A. degree.

Requests must be made on the appropriate form accompanied by a catalog course description. An official transcript of the graduate work must be mailed from the Registrarís Office directly to the Master of Liberal Arts Program. Credit may be requested only for courses broad enough in content to meet the philosophic intent of the MLA program. All requests are subject to approval by the MLA Advisory Committee. No more than six hours of transfer credit will be accepted. Courses, other than MLA, completed at TCU may not be applied toward degree requirements.

Alumni of the program are encouraged to continue their involvement in the program through additional coursework, including travel/study programs, under arrangement with the Master of Liberal Arts Program. Interested alumni should contact the office for details.

Courses in the MLA program are designed exclusively for this program to insure a broad-based, intellectually stimulating exposure to the richness of the liberal arts. Unlike most graduate courses, MLA courses do not have prerequisites, so students are free to explore a variety of fields or topics they may have missed as undergraduates. Each course approved by the MLA Advisory Committee, must meet the philosophical intent of the program to provide a multidisciplinary, non-career oriented graduate education in the liberal arts. Courses are offered on a rotating basis and are often revised to reflect new advances and perspectives. Classes typically meet from 6:30 to 9:10 once a week during the fall/spring semesters. Generally, one daytime class is available as a twelve-week course to further accommodate the working community and family schedule for the adult student. Courses, including travel/study, are also offered during the various summer terms. The Master of Liberal Arts Program publishes course descriptions for each semester. Courses preceded by an asterisk (*) have been designated as "Perspectives on Society" core courses.

Beyond the classroom, MLA students may enroll in online courses. Each semester at least two new courses are developed specifically for Distance Learning and selected existing courses are offered as well. With the development of the MLA Online Program, students may matriculate through the entire program electronically.



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